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Transition to online learning

Transition to online learning

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,
The advice from the Department of Education is to begin the term one holidays early. Teachers are being given time to adapt quickly to a new way of teaching and learning that will allow us to provide continuous learning should schools have to close for longer periods of time.

We are putting in place a plan for continuous learning, no matter what evolves in the next few months. Teachers are currently moving to a remote learning platform for our VCE students. In the event that there are delays in schools resuming after the term one holidays, all students Years 7 to 12 will move to this form of learning. During that time, we will run the timetable as scheduled currently each day, which will help maintain routine and normality.

Using online resources such as Compass, STILE and Microsoft Teams, students will be able to continue their work with support and guidance from their teachers.

To support student wellbeing and positive mental health, teachers will provide regular contact with students via Compass newsfeed, email and virtual conferencing.

We recognise that this online approach may not be accessible to all of our learners. Please make contact with your Level Leader if this is the case.

Our plan for on-line learning is attached for your reference. It is important that you read this with your child and contact us if there is any need for clarification. We need your support in making this work. Please observe normal school hours when making contact with teachers or Level Leaders.

The Department of Education has extended the holidays for students. Our expectation is that VCE students will continue with their learning. Students in Years 7-10 will not have homework during this time. Encourage them to read widely.

These are challenging times, so we appreciate your support. Our teachers are working above and beyond to provide continuity of learning. Hopefully we can all move forward together.

Yours Sincerely,

Sharon Grimes